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News Update 07/20/16



Monday-Wednesday, July 18-20, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Adam's IG post re RNC using Queen music
- ABC's air date info re "Greatest Hits Live Finale" (Adam to perform)
- ABC press release re "Greatest Hits Live Finale"
- Adam's 19 June Facebook post
- Twitter promo for RHPC at SDCC 2016
- Adam Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper, Nelly also Performing on 'Greatest Hits' Finale

- Adam with Laverne Cox at RHPS eventDownload
- Laverne Cox Snapchat on Youtube via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-07-19 Adam on Victoria Justice's Snapchat-flipped (via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 2016-07-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #3 (via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-07-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #2 - Rotated (via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 2016-07-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Rotated (via adamlambert_picDownload

- Adam leaving The Nice Guy LA (via Adam's IG)
- Pic from Adam's IG
- Adam with Victoria Justice (from his IG)Download
- Pic from Christina Milian's Snapchat (via adamlambert_pic)

Thursday-Tuesday, July 21-26, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Adam Lambert Slams Donald Trump for Using Queen Song at Republican Convention
- The Rocky Horror Picture Show: New trailer teases Tim Curry, audience callbacks
- Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer: It’s Just a Jump to the Left
- 11 Songs to Inspire, Heal and/or Make You Dance
- Awesome New Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer Shows Off Tim Curry's Cameo
- Tim Curry Is Doing the Time Warp Again as Fox Screens 25 Minutes of Upcoming Rocky Horror Re-Imagining

- The Original High (OG Demo) on Soundcloud via RumpelstiltskinDownload via adamlambert_pic
- Stay Right Here (Demo #2) snippet on SoundCloud via mykei RecordsDownload via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-07-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #4 - Rotated via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-07-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #1-3 'Snapchat filters' - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-07-23 Adam Lambert on Snapchat via adamlambert_picDownload
- New Rocky Horror promo (brief Adam sightings)
- 2016-07-21 Adam Lambert on Snapchat feat. Sutan Amrull via adamlambert_picDownload
- Steve Aoki @ Tomorrowland | Can't Go Home (Noisecontrollers Remix) via adamlambertbe
- Adam on red carpet (various events) in 2009 via CNN

- 25 HQ pix of Adam at Bootsy Bellows in LA 22 July via adamlambert_pic
- Adam with Sutan Amrull (via Sutan's IG)Download
- Adam and Sutan on Adam's IG (same pic as above)
- Adam and Danielle from his Snapchat (rip via adamlambert_pic)
- New old pix of Adam with his Eska Award
- New old pic from Shanghai 2015 via tan1090Download
- Freeze frame of Adam from RHPS promo via @66Shevpf
- Adam at Venice Airport 26 June via beaglambertDownload

Wednesday-Monday, July 27 - August 1, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- 10 Mesmerizing Musicians Who Might be Vampires
- Adam Lambert shares deo version of 'The Original High'
- Adam's Facebook post re TOH demo
- Adam Lambert releases demo of 'The Original High' after it leaks online!
- Press Release: QAL Add Extra Tokyo Show 21 Sept.

- 2016-07-31 Adam Lambert on Terrance's Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-07-31 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Out clubbing' - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- Greatest itx 1x06 Promo 2-Hour Season Finale
- Judges Entrance 2nd session 29/07/16 XFactorAU via Teagirl009
- Judges entrance (Adam/Guy/Iggy XFactor 29/07/16 via Teagirl009
- 2016-07-29 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (2 snaps) - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 'Ghost Town' Braveheart Remix by DJ Jakame (via adamlambertmedia)
- Iggy Azalea Dishes on French Montana and X Factor

- Pic from Adam's IGDownload
- 'Homo Sweet Homo' pic from Adam's Snapchat (for D/L via adamlambert_pic)
- XFactorAU pix via @Iron_peachDownload #1Download #2Download #3
- XFactorAU pix via @adamlambert_picSource (Tresha Dohmen's Facebook)
- XFactorAU pix via @Sonia_Rose1
- Pic via haszmasoudi
- Pic via jaydenseyfarth
- XFactorAU pic via @TrishBertNZAdditional pix
- XFactorAU pix via gorgeous.glambert
- XFactorAu pix and video clips via @Mel_Tea
- XFActorAU pix via Socialite Life

Tuesday-Friday, August 2-5, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Highlights From ‘Greatest Hits’ Finale
- Adam Lambert gives chills covering George Michael's 'Faith' on Greatest Hits
- Adam Lambert performs a George Michael classic and restores Faith in music
- Greatest Hits: Watch Ariana Grande's Whitney Houston Tribute, Plus 10 Other Season Finale Performances
- Watch Adam Lambert's Hip-Swiveling Cover of 'Faith' on ABC's 'Greatest Hits'
- Adam Lambert Offers First Glimpse of his Rocky Horror Picture Show Look
- Adam Lambert ‘Greatest Hits’ Video: Watch George Michael ‘Faith’ Cover Performance!
- Adam Lambert Posts Pic as Eddie in Rocky Horror Remake
- CHeck out Adam Lambert as Eddie from the Rocky Horror reboot
- Rocky Horror Picture Show: Adam Lambert posts first look as Eddie
- Adam Lambert Serves Full Rocker Angst in First Look s Rocky Horror's Eddie
- PHOTO: First Look at Adam Lambert as 'Eddie' in FOX's ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW
- Here's Adam Lambert As You've Never Seen Him Before
- Jason Dundas: 'The X Factor has brought me to tears' (Adam mentions)
- Adam Lambert i Fox's 'Rocky Horror Picture Show': See the First Photo
- THe 42 Hottest Gay Guys in Hollywood (Adam at slide 18)Download
- And Here’s Adam Lambert As Eddie In The ‘Rocky Horror’ Remake
- Rocky Horror Reboot Set for MIPCOM World Premiere Screening
- The Rocky Horror Picture Show is Back!
- Iggy Azalea Talks Adam Lambert, ‘X Factor’ & Her French Montana Collab
- XFactorAU Contestant post re his experience
- 17 Celebrities Who Are Totally Obsessed With Snapchat’s Butterfly Crown Filter (includes Adam)

- Various Adam videos from ABC's Greatest Hits for download via @devenlane/Adam Lambert Media
- Sample of new single 'Broken' on Amazon USOn Amazon JapanOn Amazon Germany
- Adam Lambert's snapchat 8/5/16 (3 snaps flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam Lambert's snapchat 8/5/16 (3 snaps flipped) via Kathy Katz
- 2016-08-05 Adam Lambert on Terrance's (terrancespencer) instagram story via adamlambert_picDownload
- Backstage Arsenio Hall interview of Adam on Greatest Hits Live show via gelly414
- 'Faith' video on Adam's FB page
- Clip of Tritonal X Adam Lambert via @Br3tTsTaRr
- Audience video of 'Faith' via FunkyBeach
- ABC's snapchat story ft Adam Lambert via heathermarie_87
- 'Faith' video on Youtube via 1GlitterBB
- 'Faith' video on Youtube via Angela Marques
- Adam with Markus on snapchat via Kathy Katz
- Adam with Alisan Porter
- Adam Lambert on German TV - filmed during The Original High Tour in Berlin - April 29th 2016, via Cuckoo ByVoodoo

- Adam as RHPS's Eddie (from his IG)Download
- 21 HQ pictures of Adam-Leaves The Nice Guy in Los Angeles-August 3, 2016 via adamlambert_pic
- Adam and Arsenio Hall backstage at Greatest Hits Live via @WildaboutmusicPic 2
- Adam performing 'Faith' via mstheaterAdditional pix
- Adam backstage at Greatest Hits Live via @kelsea_online
- Adam on Greatest Hits for download via Kathy Katz
- Pix of Adam rehearsing 'Faith' and backstage at rehearsalPic 2Pic 3
- Throwback pic of Adam and Vangelis Polydorou at BritLGBTAwards
- Pix from XFactor AU boot camp via selkie2
- Adam backstage at Greatest Hits with New Edition via dimeken10

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