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News Update

News Update 4/10/17

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Saturday-Monday, April 1-10, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Ryan Seacrest Shares Awesome Throwback from 'American Idol' Days--See the Pic!
- Glambert Angels Help Spread Awareness for the Trans Youth Equality Foundation
- 'Ferdinand' Trailer (one of Adam's songs will be in movie)
- 15 Most Successful 'American Idol' Losers (Adam at #5)
- Celeb Instagram: Adam Lambert! Janet Mock! Ryan Phillippe! Charlie Carver! Bryan Hawn!

- 4-10-17 video via Adam's IG
- Adam Lambert on Bonnie McKee's snapchat 4-9-17 (9 snaps via Kathy Katz)
- Adam's snapchat 4-8-17 part 2 (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-6-17 #3 (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-6-17 #2 (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-6-17 #1 via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-5-17 "sauna" (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-3-17 (2 snaps) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-1-17 #3 (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam's snapchat 4-1-17 #2 via Scorpio Bert
- Adam's snapchat story 4-1-17 via heathermarie_87

- Pic via missbigkim
- Pic via BOnnie McKee
- Pic via corbrathedestroyer
- Screencaps from Bonnie McKee's snapchat video (via @TALCvids)2nd set3rd set4th set
- "Bleaching" pic via @14gelly (rotated)
- TOHT pix via Bridger Scott (to make HQ open pic on a tab, change 1000w @ end to 3600w)
- Stuck in Traffic pic via Adam's IG
- Snatched pic via Adam's IG
- Pic of Adam's new Pharaoh tattoo
- Throwback pic via ogata_photo
- Idol throwback pic via Hedy Veverka
- TOHT (4-27-16) pix via Isla Photography
- Pic via @Pink_Satellite (Adam recently recorded there)

Tuesday-Monday, April 11-17, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Katy Perry Gets Support from Adam Lambert at her Easter Sunday Coachella Brunch!
- Adam Lambert at Coachella with friends (Adam Lambert Media News Blog)
- Adam Lambert at Coachella and Katy Perry concert (Adam Lambert Media News Blog)
- Instagram 7: Adam Lambert, Derek Hough, Jake Shears and More
- 100 Hottest Out & Proud Celebs
- News of first QAL European tour date (Amsterdam)
- QAL Europe tour teaster on Queen's IG
- Hot Metal Online interview with Rufus Taylor (Adam mentions)Video from article
- Adam Lambert enlists Bonnie McKee, Tommy English for fourth album

- Coachella snapchat videos compiled by Kathy Katz (various sources)
- Coachella Day 2 video and photo compilation via Kathy Katz
- gelly414's Youtube playlist of Coachella videos (various sources)
- Coachella snapchat videos on Youtube (compiled by SJG 66)
- Coachella snapchat videos on Youtube (compiled by heathermarie_87)
- Coachella IG video from Adam's Instagram
- Coachella video via Carmit
- Ep. 4: Adam and friends at Coachella via Cocoo Y (compilation video)Episode 3Episode 2Episode 1
- "queen Mary" video via Sarah Hudson
- Coachella video via Alisan Porter
- Coachella 13 IG stories on Youtube via gelly414
- Coachella video via Carmit
- Aam "twerking' video via Alisan
- Adam leaving for Coachella on Youtube via Adam Lambert MediaSource
- Adam flying to Coachella by mdmolinari (on Youtube via gelly414)

- Adam and Katy Perry via @katyspicsAdam and Katy via justjared
- Coachella pic via Michael Pukownik
- Coachella group pic by mxrunko (via @14gelly)Same pic via Carmit's IGDownload
- Adam, Karmit and Alisan via therealcarmit
- Various Coachella pix from Adam's IGPic 2Pic 3
- Adam in Coachella crowd via elziito
- Adam and Sauli at Coachella via Carmit's IG
- Coachella pic by Carmit (via @ScorpioBert)
- Screencaps from Alisan IG video via @14gelly
- Pic via Sauli
- Coachella pic via @kerrymflynn
- Coachella pic via eloyonair
- Adam and Alisan via Alisan's IGDownload
- Coachella pic via mayaschulefand
- Pix from Carmit's snapchat via @AdamL_Daikly
- Screencaps from Alisan's "twerking" video via @TALCvids
- Screencaps from Adam's 4-14-17 snapchat video via @TALCvids
- Nice group picture via @14gelly (by Eric Anderson)
- Adam leaving for Coachella via his IGDownload
- Adam and Neil as kids on National Sibling Day
- TBT pic via Alisan

Tuesday-Wednesday, April 18-19, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Alphabetical List of European tour Media Part 1 & 2 (via madamimadam)
- Adam Lambert Media's 2017 timeline-includes large list of European tour media
- Updated QAL Tour Schedule via @Angel_nDisguise
- Queen and Adam Lambert announce UK tour for 2017 and here's where you can get tickets to a show near you
- EXCLUSIVE: Queen’s Magic Continues Thanks To Adam Lambert, Says Brian May
- Οι Queen ανακοινώνουν την ευρωπαϊκή περιοδεία τους με τον Adam Lambert
- Tweet re Lithuanian QAL show
- Queen and Adam Lambert announce European tour
- Queen and Adam Lambert announce MASSIVE 2017 UK tour
- Aam Lambert, Queen announce "State of the Art" 2017 European tour: See the Dates
- Queen + Adam Lambert till Sverige
- Queen ja Adam Lambert palaavat Suomeen – keikka Hartwall-areenalla
- Queen + Adam Lambert announce UK and European tour
- Queen + Adam Lambert Set More US Dates
- Queen will rock on new 'spectacular' European tour
- Queen and Adam Lambert Announce European Fall Tour
- Queen announce European tour dates
- Queen and Adam Lambert to play 12 huge shows across the UK and Ireland
- Queen and Adam Lambert set to rock Europe (VIDEO)
- Royal visit. Queen + Adam Lambert to Play Dublin
- Queen are Heading to Liverpool with Adam Lambert
- Queen + Adam Lambert (Newark NJ)
- Queen + Adam Lambert Reveal European Tour for this Fall
- Queen + Adam Lambert to Rock Belfast
- Queen and Adam Lambert in Glasgow Hydro concert this year
- Queen & Adam Lambert se vraceji do Prahy

- Queen + Adam Lambert 2017 UK and European Tour EPK (Queen official Youtube)
- Grup Band Rock Queen Gelar Tur Eropa
- Throwback interview: The Rundown (Episode 27) from March 2012
- Wueen and Adam Lambert Talk Tour
- Queen _ Adam Lambert - 21 Nov 2017 - Friends Arena, Stockholm (promo)
- Queen + Adam Lambert Hartwall Arenalla 19.11.2017 (promo)
- Queen e Adam Lambert in concerto in Italia a novembre
- Queen + Adam Lambert Sheffield Arena (promo)

- HQ pic of Adam and Katy Perry at Coachella via Celeb Magnet

Thursday-Monday, April 20-24, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Release: "Queen in 3-D" Book (May 25)--will include some pages with Adam
- Adam's nomination as Celebrity Icon in the Diversity in Media Awards
- Brian's post re British tour sell out
- Tour: Queen + Adam Lambert [UK, December 2017]
- Queen and Adam Lambert announce UK tour for 2017

- Queen and Adam Lambert Talk Tour
- Adam Lambert snapchat 2017-04-21 on Youtube via ScorpioBert

- Coachella pic via therealcarmit
- Pic via z_sky_y
- 2016 pic via jeffmolitz
- New tattoo pic via roxx___Download
- New tattoo pic in B&W via adam's IGDownload
- April 22 Snapchat via Kathy Katz
- QAL advert for Unipol Arena via carmerita66
- QAL adverts on London buses via @dazgale
- Screen cap from Adam's April 21 snapchat via @HanaFris
- Photoshoot for Palm Springs Life's April 2017 Music EditionDownload (small)Pic 2 download (small)

- Updated 2017 QAL Concert Schedule via Angel_nDisguise

Tuesday-Tuesday, April 25 - May 2, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Adam Lambert and Queen announce European and U.K. tour
- Adam Lambert finds touring with Queen 'enlightening'
- Adam Lambert responds to rumours that Queen could headline Glastonbury 2020
- Adam Lambert: Queen would be honoured to do Glastonbury
- Live Nation Celebrates the 3rd Annual National Concert Day
- Adam Lambert: 'I Would Love to Sing Some Led Zeppelin'
- Adam Lambert bi zelio nastupati s ovim bendom
- Adam Lambert Says He Wants to Front Led Zeppelin
- Adam Lambert says he wants to front Led Zeppelin
- Instagram 7: Chris Hemsworth, Nyle DiMarco, Adam Lambert and More
- Queen + Adam Lambert Return to Denmark
- Adam Lambert at club then after party at his home via Adam Lambert Media
- Adam Lambert discusses the plans for Queen's upcoming UK tour
- Instagram 7: Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez, Jensen Ackles and More
- Queen & Adam Lambert rocken München und Wien im November 2017

- New interview with Rock Titan TV (from National Concert Day event)Download
- Adam Lambert at the Live Nation's National Concert Day, NYC 5/1/17 via Kathy Katz
- Mini-interview from NCD via jeepftwDownload
- NCD Instagram video via livenationnycDownload
- livenationnyc snapchat videosVideo 2
- Adam Lambert's instagram story, NYC, April 29 (on Youtube via gelly414)
- Steve Aoki IG video via asiapop40 (Adam mention)
- Adam Lambert IG story NYC
- Dragcon panel discussing Rocky Horror (Adam praise) via richweirdoescast
- Pharaoh IG video from Nemanja IG story
- Adam Lambert snapchat-Pharaoh Chillin 2017-04-27 via ScorpioBert
- Adam's IG story 4/27/17 (rotated & flipped) via @katzolicious
- 'Spiking this shit on the street' IG videoDownload
- Grayjoey with Adam 2017-04-26 via Mia Chihu
- Co wspólnego ma Adam Lambert z Freddiem Mercury?

- National Concert Day pix (watermarked) via Getty ImagesPic 2
- Pic via popbanghughDownload
- National Concert Day pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Pic via davidandfamousDownload
- NCD pic via Karen ButlerDownload
- NCD pix via Giulio ManiniDownload #1Download #2Download #3
- Pic via fmlimhungryDownload
- NCD pic via @_TheKnockturnal
- Pic via musiclover.122
- Pic via Adam's IG
- Pic via Adam's IG
- Still from Adam's 4/27/17 snapchat
- Pedestrian realness pic from Adam's IGDownload
- 'Blow Me Out' pic from Ada's IG
- Adam walking Pharaoh pix via Forum Gwiazd
- New cut pic via Adam's IGDownload

- Link to purchase Toby Green remix of 'Broken'

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