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News Update 2/7/17

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Thursday-Tuesday, February 2-7, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Watch Adam Lambert and James Corden Battle to Become Queen Frontman
- Adam Lambert and James Corden Go Head-to-Head Singing Queen Classics
- Adam Lambert and James Corden Have a Sing-Off Battle to Lead Queen: Watch
- Watch James Corden battle Adam Lambert to become Queen frontman
- Adam Lambert battles James Corden in a rockin' Queen sing-off
- Watch Adam Lambert Challenge James Corden to Queen Sing-Off
- James Corden And Adam Lambert Have Epic Queen Frontman Showdown
- February 4 Twitter Party tweets

- Insider report on QAL-Corden battle via Sandy A
- 2017-02-05 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (2 snaps) via adamlambert_pic
- Queen + Adam Lambert press junket with The Insider (via Adam Lambert Media)
- Adam Lambert On Trying To Honor Freddie Mercury With Every Queen Performance (Access Hollywood official video)
- Adam Lambert: Does He Believe Beyoncé Will Join Lady Gaga's Halftime Show? (Access Hollywood official video)
- Front Man Battle w/ Queen + Adam Lambert (official video)
- Lyndsey Parker on Toneduff podcast (Adam discussion 27:30 to 37:15)
- Adam Lambert instagram story February 1 2017. "Traffic sucks" via gelly414
- 2017-02-06 Adam Lambert on Snapchat "Uber" via adamlambert_pic
- 1080p YouTube rips of Access Hollywood videos (joined) via adamlambert_pic
- Late Late Show download via @djjasonlin

- Screencaps from Access Hollywood and Late Late Show via @HanaFris
- Adam on Access Hollywood
- Pic via Adam's IG
- Pic via joshuami11er
- Pix via harveyguillenPic 2
- Pic via alxjlcr
- Pic of QAL with James Corden (via Billboard)
- Access Hollywood pix via @katzoliciousPic 2
- Access Hollywood pic via kevinzelman
- Adam and Pharaoh (cropped ic via adamlambert_pic
- Screencap of Adam's February 4 Twitter party via adamlambert_pic

Wednesday-Wednesday, February 8-22, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Adam Lambert attends the Blonds Collection during fashion week (Adam Lambert Media)
- Adam Lambert appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live' (Adam Lambert Media)
- Adam Lambert finally reveals if he’s dating Sam Smith or not
- Adam Lambert Claps Back at Some Past "High Shade" from Adam Levine
- Adam Lambert Grilled on Feuds With Adam Levine, Demi Lovato and ... Susan Boyle?! (Video)
- Adam Lambert Addresses Sam Smith Dating Rumors: We Did Do 'a Lot of Bonding'
- 100 Eligible Bachelors Update: Adam Lambert is Winning & Colton Haynes is Taken
- How the Beauty Boy Makeup Movement Emerged Thanks to Adam Lambert & Other Musicians

- 1080HD rip of Adam on WWHL via adamlambert_pic720p version320p version
- 1080HD rip of WWHL aftershow via adamlambert_pic
- alternaterra's rip of WWHL aftershow for download
- 2017-02-17 Adam Lambert parts from Piers Morgan's Life Stories w/ Boy George via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-02-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat w/ Pharaoh - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 1080HD: 2017-02-14 Adam Lambert interview w/ One News Page - The Blonds fashion show via adamlambert_pic
- Official WWHL videos (Sam Smith Q)Feud TeaAftershow
- Adam with Terrance Spencer
- 2/12/17 Adam on Snapchat-Flipped (via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 2/11/17 Adam on Snapchat 'Full Moon'-Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload

- 24 HQ pix from WWHL - 2/16/17 via adamlambert_pic
- 32 HQ pix of Adam at The Blonds show via adamlambert_pic
- Official Bravo pix from WWHL
- Pix of Adam backstage at Chicago (the Musical) with Mel B
- Adam at New York Fashion Week via justimagine_itDownload
- @creativesharka's chibi Adam at WWHLDownload
- Adam backstage with Mel B
- Pic via rd.loweDownload
- Adam with Mel B via her IGDownload
- Tequila Time picDownload
- Adam with Chrissy MetzDownload
- "shirt by Burberry"Download
- Adam at theboxnycDownload
- Adam with Nile RodgersDownload
- Pic via jeremylucidoDownload
- Adam with Dj Pebbles and Randy Jackson at The Blonds show
- Adam and Nile (color) pic via Nile's IGDownload
- Pix and IG video from The BLonds NWFW show via Victoria Luthak
- Adam at The Blonds showDownload
- Pic 2Download
- Adam at Hyde Sunset 2/7/17 (links via adamlambert_pic)
- Pix from The Blonds show via Tyler Burrow
- Adam at CAA party at Hyde Lounge 2/11/17 (via adamlambert_pic)
- CAA Grammy pre-party pic via adamlambert_pic
- Pic via coolhaandluke
- Pic via coryz07

Wednesday-Monday, February 23 - March 6, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- LIfe after "American Idol"
- Elton John's Oscar Party raises $7 million, Adam Lambert says "We need to...stay strong"
- Okay, Adam Lambert was ridiculously hot at Elton's Oscar Bash
- Just Because: Adam Lambert in a Tuxedo for Elton John's Oscar Party
- Calvin Harris, Adam Lambert & Jason Derulo Represent The Hit-Makers At Oscars Parties!
- Inside Elton John’s $7 Million Oscars Party (Photos)

- 2017-02-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Where the fuck did the sun go' via adamlambert_picDownload
- Andrew Maher IG story with adam (via @_rina_xzx)
- Adam Lambert's snapchat 3/5/17 (rotated & flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Video from Alek Sandar during Fashion WeekDownload
- Adam Lambert & Pharaoh "Hey buddy" Snapchat 05.03.2017 via Beata Wilczynska
- Adam Lambert & Paris Hilton Interview | New York Fashion Week 2017 via nelka791
- Adam with friends at his house, March 3 2017, andrewrmaher ig 3 stories via gelly414
- Adam Lambert Interview - Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party via AddictedToAdam
- Adam Lambert: Full Interview by Distracttv.com
- Adam with Jake Shears at Elton's Party
- Adam with Alisan Porter at Elton's Party
- Adam Lambert snapchat 2017-2-26 Elton John Oscar party via ScorpioBert

- HQ pix of Adam at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party (via adamlambert_pic)
- "Suana Sweat" pic (ripped by adamlambert_pic)Flipped
- "Pink in the middle pic"Download
- Pro photos from QAL live @ postpay sound ( piazzola sul brenta) 25.6.2016 via Denis Ulliana
- Pic via Johnny Tang
- Pic via Sayid Abdullaev
- Adam with Alisan at Elton's Party via her IGDownload
- Pic via mihomakeupDownload
- Pic via frankiepaynehairDownload

Tuesday-Friday, March 7-31, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Abbey Road Warrior (Adam mention and pic)
- Adam Lambert teams with Big Taste for new collaboration
- AdamOnIdol Tumblr (official)
- Adam Lambert Puts His Tattoos on Display in a Tank Top

- Adam Lambert instagram story of his hair via adamlambertmedia
- Coke Rewards Exclusive BTS Interviews during Idol via @devenlane (rip via @mindchnger)
- IG videos (in studio) via sarahhusdonxxxVideo 2
- Adam Lambert's Snapchat 3-27-17 (4 snaps) via Kathy Katz
- After party at Adam's house 3-24-17, all clips combined via gelly414
- Throwback (snapchat video) 3-24-17 via SJG 66
- Banjee Ball videos 3-19-17 (Adam appears in videos 3-4-5)
- Adam singing 'Smile' at home with Pharaoh (via adamlambertmedia)

- Pic via rhealitreDownload
- Adam at Chateau Marmont March 14 (via adamlambertmedia)
- Adam Lambert Gets Pet Food in West Hollywood
- Adam Lambert at Ash Wednesday at The Abbey (via adamlambertmedia)
- Ash Wednesday pic via lorisqueen
- Ash Wednesday pic via blackwater_s
- Pic via Joseph SinclairDownload
- Pic via bigtastexxlDownload
- Nice Paso Robles pix via nayeliaogsphotographyPic 2
- Adam's birthday greeting to Sauli
- Pix via Owen JiangDownload 1Download 2Download 3Download 4Download 5
- "Humpday" pic via Adam's IGDownload
- Pic via grayjoey
- Pic via glamberts_united
- New pix: Front Row at The BlondsPic 2
- Adam with Pharaoh and at 1 Oak Club (via adamlambertmedia)
- Adam doing ceramics and at Peppermint Club (via adamlambertmedia)
- Pic via makeitmicah

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