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News Update 12/27/16




Wednesday-Tuesday, December 14-27, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- Stars Pay Tribute to George Michael (Adam mention)
- Adam's IG post re George Michael
- Adam Lambert’s Original High Tour Wins Tour of the Year at the CelebMix Awards
- Adam Lambert Wins Best Male Artist at the CelebMix Awards
- Adam Lambert, Mark Ronson, Duran Duran + More React to George Michael’s Death
- Adam Lambert Songs Remixed: Listen to 5 of the Best
- 6 gay artists you need to pay attention to in 2017
- 17 Celebrities Demanding Gun Control: Beyonce, Cher, Adam Lambert & More
- Rise's LGBTAI+ Global Social Media Powerlist

- In Case You Missed It: MP3 of Adam's performance of 'Faith' for download via adamlambert_pic
- ICYMI: Youtube video of Adam performing 'Faith' via Angela MarquesOfficial video
- 2016-12-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'TOO MUCH XMAS' - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- Adam on Terrance Spencer's IG story
- Happy Chanukah! video via AdamDownloadTwitter version for download
- XFactorAU holiday video

- Creative Sharka's new website with her illustrations!
- Adam out in Hollywood via cheynehaukPic 2
- Adam with Terrance Spencer and Jovan Carrington (via Adam's IG)Download
- Pic via Terrance Spencer
- Adam's Happy Holidayz pic
- Pic via itakepicz
- Pic via mahikilondonDownload
- Adam in one of the "Best Photos of 2016" via The Hollywood Reporter
- Adam out with friends in New York, December 2016, compiled by Adam Lambert Media
- Profile closeup pic from Adam's IG
- Download
- New old Rolling Stone Japan pix by OGata PhotographyPic 2Source
- Adam's 'Sorry not sorry' pic on IG

Wednesday-Wednesday, December 28, 2016 to January 4, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Adam Lambert's New Years Eve party at his home via Adam Lambert Media (pix and videos)
- Adam Lambert is the winner of Mot Stylish Men 2016 of Be Global Fashion Network

- 2016 Adam Lambert Fan Fave Performances playlist via islandgirljams (various sources)
- Adam's NYE party 2016 video playlist by gelly414 (various sources)
- MuchMusic 2015 Awards BTS video (Adam at :48) via Lauren Basamot
- MM 2015 Awards video via tales from the nexus
- 'Dolce & Gabbana Suit' IG video from Adam's NYE party
- Adam's NYE party-Instagram stories (46 videos) as single video on Youtube via adamlambert_picDownload
- xandertarigo ig stories 22 clips & 2 pics, Adam Lambert's NYE party December 31 via gelly414
- 2016-12-30 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Guilty Leisure' via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-12-28 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Delilah jazz jam' via adamlambert_pic

- Fantastic HQ pix from Glamaholic photoshoot 2015 via adamlambert_pic
- Glamaholic article and pix via ScorpioBert
- Pix from Adam's NYE party: with Tommy JoeDownloadWith Danielle and TerranceDownload3rd PicDownload'Corner shot'Download'Duck Lip'Download
- More NYE pixDownloadPic 2DownloadPic 3Pic 4 via @ConstanzaNowPic 5 via ethanecheverria
- The Original High tour pix from Munich via @MoimoisuomirockHelsinki pix
- Helsinki TOH tour pix via Tomi Palsa
- Great Rock in Rio pix via Victor MachowskiDownload

Thursday-Thursday, January 5-12, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- 19 Adam Lambert Covers That Will Blow Your Mind

- 2017-01-11 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #2 - Rotated & Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- Pharaoh, from Adam's IG
- 2017-01-11 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'PHAROAH' via adamlambert_picDownload
- QAL - Love Kills at iHeart Radio Theatre (Official Video)
- 2017-01-08 Adam Lambert on grayjoey's Snapchat via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-08 Adam Lambert on Ivy Levan's Snapchat - Rotated via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-08 Adam Lambert on lovemrspencer's Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-08 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'REBEL REBEL' (2 snaps) - 1st flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-06 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (2 snaps) via adamlambert_pic

- @creativesharka's chibi drawing of Adam and puppy, Pharaoh
- Pix of Pharaoh, from Adam's IGPic 2
- Adam on georgeaking's IG story
- Muggin w @ivylevanDownload
- Adam with Terrance SpencerDownload
- Adam and Terrance from Adam's IGDownload
- Rebel Rebel pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Smoking pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Adam at TigerHeat
- Jan 7 pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Adam with Boy George via Shoshanna
- Jan 6 B&W pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Adam and friends from Adam's IGDownload

Friday-Monday, January 13-23, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- Fans Share Their Favorite Memories to Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert
- Nude Dudes Of 2016: A Gallery Of Shirtless Male Pop Stars
- Adam Lambert's 10 Greatest Performances

- ISOLATED VOCALS: Adam Lambert on American Idol 2009 (playlist by adamlambert_pic)
- 2017-1-13 Adam on Snapchat with Pharaoh (on Youtube via adamlambert_pic)Download
- Sauli with Pharaoh on Snapchat (on Youtube via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 2017-01-20 Adam Lambert on Snapchat-The Lambert Lamb-Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-19 Adam Lambert's instagram story w/ Sauli Koskinen-Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2017-01-15 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - W/ Pharaoh (4 snaps) via adamlambert_pic
- Adam Lambert Sings Queen Bohemian Rhapsody In First Audition On American Idol (official)

- Stils from Adam's Snapchat video with Pharaoh, via adamlambert_pic
- Sharka's Birthday Countdown drawings (2009-2011)
- Adam with Mason via Alisan PorterDownload
- Adam, Sauli, Pharaoh and kids via Adam's IGDownload
- Gorgeous George LA picDownload
- Pic via fkirkorov
- Billboard picDownload
- Pic of Adam as a Pharaoh (from his IG)Download

Tuesday-Thursday, January 24-26, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- New QAL Tour! Adam's FB post with dates
- @mmyy9's Map with tour dates/locations
- Queen & Adam Lambert Announce Summer Tour
- Livenation's tour announcement
- Adam Lambert & Queen Announce North American Summer Tour
- The Show Must Go On: Queen and Adam Lambert are hitting the road again
- Queen & Adam Lambert Announce U.S. Summer Tour
- Queen & Adam Lambert Announce North American Arena Tour
- MamaDeb's screenshot of Time interview
- Queen + Adam Lambert announce massive summer tour
- Press Release re tour from Queen Online
- Queen and Adam Lambert Announce North American Summer Tour Dates
- Queen + Adam Lambertt Plot U.S. Summer Tour

- 2017-01-25 Sauli Snapchat via Mia Chihu
- 2017-01-24 Sauli Koskinen's Snapchats from Disneyland (37 snaps) - 7 Flipped (via adamlambert_pic)Download
- Adam Lambert on saulisunflare's Snapchat 1/24/17 (flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Adam Lambert and Sauli in Disneyland, Terrance's ig stories, January 24 2016 via gelly414
- 2017-01-26 Adam on Snapchat with Pharaoh via adamlambert_pic
- 2017-01-25 Sauli Koskinen on Snapchat w/ Pharaoh (4 snaps) - 1 Flipped via adamlambert_pic

- Adam Goes for a run to Earth Bar in West Hollywood 23 HQ pix - January 23, 2017 [adamlambert_pic]
- Pic via openhousepartyradio
- Disneyland pic via Sauli's IGDownload
- Adam with Axident and John West via frcsv
- Adam with Riff at DisneylandPic 2

Thursday-Wednesday, January 27 - February 1, 2017

• Articles/Blogs
- How Queen + Adam Lambert are Keeping Freddie Mercury's Legacy AliveSame article, on Yahoo!
- QAL News Coverage links from Brian's webpage
- EXCLUSIVE: Queen Says Freddie Mercury 'Would Have Loved' Adam Lambert

- Adam Lambert, On With Mario Lopez (interview)
- Adam Lambert From American Idol to ‘Queen’ Frontman - The Insider (via AddictedToAdam)Source
- 2017-01-30 Adam on Snapchat with Pharaoh (via adamlambert_pic)Download
- Queen & Adam Lambert Discuss Joining Forces Again For Their New Tour
- Queen announce tour, tease new album
- Queen to Tour with Adam Lambert Again
- "Swordswallower" IG videoDownload
- "Blowing out candles" birthday video via Adam's IGDownload
- "Dearly Beloved" birthday videoDownload
- 2017-01-29 Adam Lambert on grayjoey's Snapchat 'Happy Birthday Adam' (2 snaps) via adamlambert_picDownload
- Terrance Spencer IG videos from Adam's bday partyVideo 2Video 3
- whereisjohnnyrice IG videos from Adam's bday partyVideo 2Video 3Video 4Video 5Video 6
- @creativesharka's birthday montage
- 2017-01-28 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload

- "Weirdos" shirt pic from Adam's IGDownload
- grayjoey's pic from Adam's bday party
- daniellestori's Welcome to 35 club collageDownload
- Pic via nemanjafilipovic
- "Birthday look" pic from Adam's IGDownload
- Pic via chocahontas187Download
- Warner Bros birthday greeting
- QAL pic via hagarbenari
- Download

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