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News Update 11/15/16




Sunday-Tuesday, November 6-15, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- 2016 X Factor Grand Finalists Revealed
- The X Factor Australia 2016 Mid-Season Report Card
- X Factor finalists go head-to-head in the semi finals
- Celebrities Who Started on Reality TV Shows (Adam at 12)
- Adam Lambvert admits he got 'carried away' when dissing Iggy Azalea

- adamlambert_pic's 720p MP4 rips of X-F4ct0r Austr41ia episodes for download
- 720p MP4 rip XFactorAU Episode 17 via adamlambert_pic
- Adam on Amalia's snapchat 11-15-16 (3 snaps flipped) via Kathy Katz
- Team Adam Lambert Cindy Moore's FB video 11/15/16 via Kathy Katz
- Adam and Amalia at Cranbourne Park via Mayeth ExpinosaVideo 2
- "Team Adam Lambert" video via Cindy Moore
- Adam and Amalia visiting Amalia's School 11-15-16 via gelly414
- 2016-11-15 The X Factor Australia: Facebook LIVE w/ Amalia Foy feat. Adam Lambert via adamlambert_pic
- Adam Lambert presents Isaiah Firebrace performing LIVE at Moama Bowling Club 11/16 via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-14 Adam Lambert on isaiahprivate Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-11 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (4 snaps) - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-11 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Westworld is soooo good' - Rotated via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-06 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- XFactorAU semi-final results video via @kinkykiedis
- 2016-11-14 Isaiah & Amalia on spotifyau Snapchat - Best song to describe Adam Lambert (4 snaps) via adamlambert_pic
- BTS Adam, Amalia & Isaiah after the semi-final results show 11/14/16 via Teagirl009
- Adam at Mel B's dinner party via adamlambertmedia
- Spotify interview with Adam Lambert via Adam Lambert Media
- The X Factor Australia 2016-In The X Factor House via Australian Tunes
- Watch: Adam Lambert slams Iggy Azalea's diva antics
- Adam Lambert by Fitzy and Wippa (Official) on Soundcloud

- XFactorAU home visit pic (with Amalia)
- Pic via llhcy_
- Pic via thedeck_bar
- Adam and Iggy via addys_little_glambert
- Pic via @14gelly
- Adam on stage after show via @Mel_TeaAdditional pix and videos
- Mel B and Adam from Mel B's IG
- Pic via kittylee_mua
- Adam and Iggy
- Pic via addys_little_glambert
- Adam wearing Givenchy (from his IG)Download
- Adam at the Beresford after shooting X Factor via Adam Lambert Media
- Pix via Noam Yahav
- Pic via Adam's IG
- Stills from 'In The X Factor House' video via @14gelly
- 'Over Easy' pic from Adam's IG

Wednesday-Tuesday, November 16-22, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- Adam Lambert urges Australia to support marriage equality during X Factor finale
- X Factor switch up: Adam Lambert to replace Louis Walsh following Oz victory?
- Robbie Williams finally meets his man crush Adam Lambert
- Isaiah Firebrace is embarking on a brand-new adventure (with Adam advice)
- Adam Lambert and Robbie Williams Finally Meet
- Iggy Azalea thanks Adam Lambert for X Factor gift
- Adam and Amalia Herald Sun - November 18, 2016 (via adamlambert_pic)
- Adam and Isaiah n The Riverine Herald - November 18, 2016 (via adamlambert_pic)
- Soul singer Isaiah Firebrace takes the X Factor crown
- X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace, 17, shows Australia he’s ‘the kid who has the voice’
- Isaiah is crowned the winner of X Factor Australia 2016
- [Exclusive] Now You Can Rush the Stage at a Queen Concert, Because VR is Awesome
- X Factor Behind the Scenes of Isaiah's Home Visit via Adam Lambert Media
- X Factor Behind the Scenes of Amalia's Home Visit via Adam Lambert Media

- adamlambert_pic's 720p MP4 rips of X-F4ct0r Austr41ia episodes for download
- X FactorAU finale videos for download via Adam Lambert Media (various sources)
- Adam, Isaiah and Amalia IG video
- Pix from Adam's Snapchat via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-22 Adam Lambert on aokisteve's Snapchat 'SYDNEY' via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-11-21 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-11-21 Adam Lambert on spotifyau's Snapchat (6 snaps) via adamlambert_picDownload
- XFactorAU Ig video via popthatadam
- 2016-11-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #2 - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-11-19 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #1 - Rotated & Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-11-18 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (3 snaps) - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- XFactor pre-finale interviews via Adam Lambert Media
- X Factor Australia FB live Q&A with Mel B and Adam Lambert 11/21/16 via Kathy Katz

- iHeart Radio Live AU pix
- XFactor AU pix via @Iron_peach
- Pic from Adam's Instagram
- Pic via Nathan Brecht
- Adam with Tove Lo via his Twitter
- Adam with Isaiah via brookeazzopardiAnother pic via brookeazzopardi
- Winner's pic with Isaiah
- Adam with Steve Aoki via adamlambert_pic
- Pic via Adam's IGDownload
- XFactor grand finale pic
- Adam hugging Isaiah at finaleDownload
- Adam watching Isaiah sing winner's song via @Mel_TeaAdam with AmaliaMore X Factor AU pix
- Pic from XFactor AU after party via Jodie Hernandez
- Adam with Robbie Williams from Adam's IGHQ download
- Pic of Adam with large ear cuffDownload
- Pic from Adam's IGDownload

- Official Episodes of XFactorAU posted at this link
- XFactorAU official Twitter-has pix, video clips

Wednesday-Thursday, November 23 - December 1, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- Sebastian Declares Iggy Doesn't Have the X Factor (Herald Sun scan via adamlambert_pic)
- Next Stop Eurovision for X Factor Winner (Courier Mail scan via adamlambert_pic)
- ‘X Factor Australia’ 2016 latest news: After Isaiah Firebrace’s big win, fans want Adam Lambert to return next season
- Watch extended trailer for Queen + Adam Lambert's Live in Japan DVD, out next month

- adamlambert_pic's 720p MP4 rips of X-F4ct0r Austr41ia episodes for download
- Adam on Tove Lo's Instagram Story
- Adam and Alisan in the audience at The Voice (on Youtube via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 2016-11-28 Adam Lambert on Alisan Porter's Snapchat #2 via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-11-28 Adam Lambert on Alisan Porter's Snapchat (2 snaps) - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat (4 snaps) - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-11-25 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'Bicycling' via adamlambert_pic
- Adam and Alisan in audience of The Voice (official Twitter)
- Adam and Alisan on first concert (The Voice Twitter)
- X Factor AU afterparty video via adamlambert_pic (by diimex)

- Adam and Alisan pics from Alisan's Facebook
- Adam in audience at The Voice via Guido Karp
- Adam, Alisan and Ali Caldwell via Ali's IG
- Pic via Erwin Molina
- Pic via jerilynnstephens
- Pic via mrs.lucyb
- Pic via Alisan Porter
- Adam and Alisan via Adam's IG
- Pic via thevoicewardrobe
- "Photo recreation" via Adam's IGDownload
- Pic via sheldonrhernandez
- Pic via brayden_17_
- Pic via cat.strat
- 16 HQ pix of Adam leaving Sydney-November 23, 2016 via adamlambert_pic
- Portrait of Adam by creativesharka
- Pic via officialnatalieong
- Watermarked pix of X Factor AU afterparty via adamlambert_pic

- Touch of Sparkle GoFundMe campaign raising funds for holiday packages

Friday-Tuesday, December 2-6, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- X Factor 2016: James Arthur to duet with Matt Terry (Adam to duet with Saara)
- Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD Released December 6
- The X Factor finalists have their celeb duet partners – and it’s gonna be EPIC
- Adam Lambert Visits Miley Cyrus on ‘The Voice’
- X Factor final duets 2016! Which stars will the finalists be singing with?
- X Factor duets revealed — who will sing with the finalists?
- Adam Lambert and The Weeknd named among stars to duet with X Factor finalists Matt, Saara and 5 After Midnight
- Best Tour of 2016: Popcrush Fan Choice Awards (TOH tour included)
- Eli Lieb’s Los Angeles: Singing In The Shower, Adam Lambert And Tequila
- Guy Sebastian tells Kate Waterhouse he's no longer trying to please everyone (Adam mention)

- Adam Lambert candid videos (05 Dec 2016) via Adam Lambert Media
- Adam caroling video on Youtube via Adam Lambert MediaSource (Adam's IG)
- 2016-12-06 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Watching 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-12-06 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-12-03 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped & Rotated via adamlambert_picDownload
- 2016-12-03 Adam Lambert on Snapchat #2 via adamlambert_picDownload
- Adam Lambert instagram story, pool party at his house, December 2 2016 via gelly414
- 2016-12-03 Adam Lambert on terrancespencer's instagram story - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-12-03 Adam Lambert's instagram story via adamlambert_pic
- Adam ,mentoring kids on the Schools Spectacular via Teagirl009

- Pic from Adam's IG
- Adam Lambert pool party (December 2) via Adam Lambert Media

Wednesday-Tuesday, December 7-13, 2016

• Articles/Blogs
- X Factor: Brian Friedman's top five moments from week ten
- X Factor 2016: Adam Lambert wants to collaborate with Saara Aalto
- Adam Lambert says he may collaborate with ‘lovely’ Saara Aalto following their X Factor duet
- Adam Lambert discusses Sam Smith rumours, new material & the next Queen tour
- Adam Lambert: Brian May is in 'good spirits'
- Magnifico! Saara Aalto and Adam Lambert team up for Bohemian Rhapsody!
- Saara Aalto’s fans go wild over ‘incredible’ duet with Adam Lambert during The X Factor final
- X Factor final: Saara Aalto teams up with Adam Lambert to take on a Queen classic
- Who is Adam Lambert? Queen singer, American Idol runner-up and LGBT activist – what we know
- X Factor's Saara Aalto and Adam Lambert may work together on new music
- Adam Lambert: 'Robbie Williams and I are going to hang out in L.A.'
- John Legend & Adam Lambert Look Sharp in Suits at BBC Music Awards!
- Zara Larsson and Adam Lambert Talk Braces, 'The X Factor' and New Music on the Red Carpet at BBC Music Awards

- [HD] 2016-12-12 Adam Lambert at the BBC Music Awards (on Youtube, via adamlambert_pic)Download
- 1080i FEED cap (no watermarks): 2016-12-10 Adam Lambert & Saara Aalto - B0hemian Rhaps0dy - X Fact0r UK via adamlambert_pic
- Official XFactor UK Youtube video of Adam and Saara (may be geoblocked)
- [MQ] 2016-12-10 Adam Lambert - XTRA Factor Live Show - UK (on Youtube via adamlambert_picDownload
- [MP3] 2016-12-10 Adam Lambert & Saara Aalto - Bohemian Rhapsody - X Factor UK via adamlambert_pic
- Adam Lambert on One Direction, Saara Aalto and X Factor
- Adam Lambert BBC Awards Red Carpet via Music-News.com
- 1080i cap: 2016-10-31 Adam Lambert - Evil In the Night - X Fact0r Australia via adamlambert_pic
- 2016-12-11 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_picDownload
- IG video via jessieli202
- Adam Lambert backstage at B.B.C Music Awards 2016-12-12 (on Youtube via ScorpioBert)

- 29 HQ pix from BBC Music Awards (via adamlambert_pic)
- 30 HQ pix Performing w/ Saara Aalto at the X Factor UK final - December 10, 2016 [adamlambert_pic]
- Adam out on the town in London via mahikilondonDownload
- BBC Awards backstage pic via thisisnandi
- BBC Awards backstage pic via dcain90
- Pic via @MitchLJames
- BBC Awards red carpet pic from Adam's IGDownload
- XFactor UK pix via Adam's IG (Pic 1)DownloadPic 2 with Saara AaltoDownloadPic 3: PerformanceDownload
- Adam and Saara Aalto via her IGDownload
- Adam and Bryan Singer via Adam's IGSame pic, via Singer's IG

- Link to special LE Summer Sonic packages at Ward RecordsSecond linkTweet from @mmyy9 re same

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