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News Update 09/13/16




Monday-Tuesday, September 12-13, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Tel Aviv setlist, pix, articles via Brian's blog
- After Four Decades, Queen Rock Israel with Help from Adam Lambert
- QAueen and Adam Lambert Israel show worth 340 shekels (article in Hebrew)
- Killer Queen rocks Tel Aviv
- Queen rocks it out in Tel Aviv
- Spirit of Freddie Mercury hovers as Queen plays Tel Aviv
- Queen and Adam Lambert delivered the goods in full (article in Hebrew)
- Still the champions
- Queen + Adam Lambert Bring a Kind of Magic to Israel

- Full QAL Tel Aviv show for download via Kot BayunShow on Youtube
- Lynneville's Tel Aviv Youtube video playlist (various sources)
- ScorpioBert's Tel Aviv Youtube video playlist (various sources)
- Tel Aviv videos via Kathy Katz
- Tel Aviv videos via Racheli Yefet
- Tel Aviv videos via Barry Shaw
- Tel Aviv IG videos and pix via paty_szafran
- Tel Aviv Snapchat video via @adamlambert_pic
- Tel Aviv Instagram videos via egbarm
- Tel Aviv videos via Jessica Libzon
- Tel Aviv videos via Yifat Cohen
- Tel Aviv videos via inbalel2
- Tel Aviv videos via stas gorovoi
- Tel Aviv videos via Shmulik Malul

- Cool Tel Aviv pic via mayak75DownloadMore great pix
- Great Tel Aviv pix via rubajaphotography
- Pic via laurenricedavies
- Tel Aviv pix via @shirleyhalperin (pix by @LiorPhillips)
- Pic via alexandras_collection
- Great Tel Aviv pix via drorc30
- M&G pic via Lior Gilboa2nd pic
- M&G pic via Daniel Kochavi
- Tel Aviv pix from Adam's Snapchat via @adamlambert_pic
- Adam with Roger and BrianDownload
- Large pic from Billboard article
- Tel Aviv pic via linamusicofficial
- Tel Aviv M&G pic via avirameir
- Post Tel Aviv show fan pix: via eyalxdlevyVia fogelleeVia nisimkapeluto
- Nice Tel Aviv pic via davidfridmanDownload
- Tel Aviv M&G pic via shirlikattash
- Adam in Tel Aviv crowd pic via israel_hermanDownload
- Tel Aviv pic via Adam's InstagramDownloadMore pix from Adam's IG
- Tel Aviv pix via @NoyPerel
- Post-show pix via rubyseanb
- Tel Aviv pix via ryan28note3
- Nice finale pix via drorc30Download
- Tel Aviv pix via yapryntseva_nata
- Tel Aviv pic via shachafnvn
- Tel Aviv pix and video clips via orshechtman
- Tel Aviv pic via shartiella

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Dammit Janet, Victoria Justice Slays 'Touch-A, Touch-Me' in 'Rocky Horror' Tease: Watch
- Kosher: Adam Lambert puts on tefillin at the Western Wall (in Hebrew) (Pix)
- Singer Adam Lambert and multi celebs in prayer at the Western Wall (in Hebrew)
- Adam Lambert wears tefillin at the Western Wall (in Hebrew)
- Adam Lambert Is Having a Great Year So Far Collaborating with Queen, Joins Hands with The Mercury Phoenix Trust!
- A Glambert Love Letter
- Adam Lambert Crowned the Popcrush Prince of Pop 2016
- Queen's Brian May on Adam Lambert and story behind Bohemian Rhapsody

- MP3s from Kot Bayun's Youtube video via @norbik131
- Kot Bayun's Tel Aviv show for download (MP4 720HD video)
- M4A audio of Kot Bayun's Tel Aviv recording via @kinkykiedis
- Tel Aviv Videos via זיו בן זאב
- 2016-9-14 Adam snapchat 'Jerusalem' #1-2 on Youtube via adamlambert_picJerusalem #3
- ICRT Joey Chou Interview with Brian May
- Adam Lambert on Taiwan ICRT interview for QAL Live in Taipei via Castiel Su
- XFactorAU promo
- Who Came Out After the Show with Adam Lambert? video on Youtube via ScorpioBertSourceFor download via adamlambert_pic

- 9 HQ Tel Aviv pix via adamlambert_pic
- HQ Tel Aviv pic via Victor MuperPhotoSource
- Pix of Adam touring Jerusalem via his Instagram
- Awesome HQ 'Killer Queen' pic from Tel Aviv show via Jacob BaharSource
- Adam at Western Wall pix (from Walla article)Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4
- Amazing Photos of Queen & Adam Lambert Rock Tel Aviv
- Pic via Nir Nimni
- Tel Aviv pix via Eyal Aloni

Thursday-Sunday, September 15-18, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Queen + Adam Lambert Live At The 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Post Mortem (nice pix)
- Adam and Roger arriving in Taiwan
- Singapore GP, Day 2: Queen + Adam Lambert rock the Padang (with pix)
- Brian May on Queen's Second Life with Adam Lambert
- @alternaterra's report on Singapore concert

- Adam Lambert Media Singapore download folder
- Singapore videos via AmandaLambert5
- Singapore videos via neelie4vid
- Singapore videos via jsparina
- Singapore videos via yolanadee
- Singapore videos via violetglitz
- 2016-09-18 Adam Lambert on Snapchat - Flipped via adamlambert_pic
- XFactorAU "Meet the Judges" video
- Singapore video clip via @kingofthefxll
- Singapore video clip via @AmandacLambert
- Singapore IG videos via andreavlntn
- Singapore WWRY video clip via @ToggleSG
- Singapore WWRY video clip via @ST_LifeTweetsWATC clipBoRhap clipMore clips (need to scroll down)
- Singapore Periscope videos via DTrain
- Singapore on Mixlr via astuflom
- Singapore on Mixlr via rgsd4
- Singapore video clips via @jadedzPF
- Singapore CLTCL IG video via MJYJ
- Singapore IG videos via geraldkoh987
- Singapore soundcheck video via @becksie12nd video

- Adam Lambert Media Singapore download folder
- HQ Singapore pix via Terryl Eugenio Photography
- HQ Singapore pix via Alvin Oon
- HQ Singapore pix via ShenBin Tan
- Singapore pix via terra_zephead
- Singapore pix via @becksie1
- Singapore pix via @Sheernae
- Singapore pix via jdrocketron
- Singapore crowd pic from Adam's IG
- "Sleeeeepy" pic from Adam's IG
- Singapore pix via @Minnie_Glambert
- Singapore pic via @nabewl
- Singapore pic via @ChrisGaleaSG
- Pic via Alissa Pollack
- Singapore crowd pic via John Heng
- Afterparty pix from Lima Lima Bar
- Singapore pic via Deka Saldjoe
- Singapore KQ pic via Arya Widyanarko
- Singapore KQ pic via Jun Furutani
- Singapore finale pic via Chi Wei
- Singapore pic via DiyanaMohamad
- Singapore pic via Andy Lim
- Singapore pic via expatlivingsg
- Singapore pic via Vicky Nugraha
- Singapore pic via goldengoh
- Singapore pic via mikafrommars
- Singapore pic via Charlene Kwan
- Great Singapore pic via Mark Shone
- Singapore pic via Taufiq Mohd NorMore great pix
- Singapore pix via Sarah Watkin
- Great Singapore pic via Nida SeahA couple of more nice pix
- Nice Singapore pic via kidviolente
- Brian's IG pic from Singapore
- Singapore pix via Iris LuoPic 2
- Singapore pix via @sahirawr

Monday-Tuesday, September 19-20, 2016

• Articles/Blogs

- Queen of the South sing two songs dedicated to the singer David Bowie (Taipei review, in Chinese)
- Queen已故主唱現身台北! 跨時空合唱吉他手逼哭粉絲
- Queen台灣飆歌亞當藍伯特 跨時空合鳴已故主唱
- Musical Acts Get Crowd Roaring (Singapore review)

- Taipei Youtube video playlist via Kathy Katz (various sources)
- Singapore Youtube video playlist via Kathy Katz (various sources)
- Taipei videos via GlamBecks (becksie1)
- Isle of Wight highlights (official Youtube)
- Taipei WWRY/WATC video via joesymoon
- Taipei video clips via @joesymoon
- Taipei video via Audi Fu
- Taipei Youtube (audio only-full show) via Angela Marques
- Taipei IG videos and pix via amaki.1877
- Taipei videos via Matt Liu
- Taipei videos via Ann Chin
- Singapore 'Don't Stop Me Now' video via Mardi Blitz'I Want It All' video
- Adam Lambert snapchat stories 9/16/16 (3 vids) via Kathy Katz
- X Factor OZ TV Promo - The Time Is Now via 22lovesummer's channel
- X Factor OZ TV Promo (Longer Extended Version) via 22lovesummer's channel

- Nice closeup Taipei pix via @becksie1
- Taipei pix via @Minnie_Glambert
- Fantastic HQ Tel Aviv pic via Jacob BaharSource
- Nice Singapore pix via syong616
- Adam outside hotel in Taipei via mo_tpe
- Taipei pic via mattforsureAdditional pix and IG videos
- Taipei pic via holaluisa
- Taipei pix via unipa.co
- Taipei pic via aprilwg
- Taipei pix via 黃澤錞
- Taipei finale confetti pic via peggychen424
- A couple of Taipei pix via jpg920072
- Taipei pix via lambert_loves_young
- Taipei finale bow pic via kuanhsien_lee1993
- Finale confetti pic via @keboogy
- Taipei pic via @Maria070470
- Taipei pix via @funkNNsoul
- Taipei pic via unilimo
- Taipei pic via zoey_adams1104
- Taipei pic via aniki_lovelife
- Taipei pic via reginaviajar
- Taipei pic via kevenyao2002
- Taipei pic via welson_huaAdditional pix
- Taipei pix via 霍華德
- Taipei pix via Justin Lin
- Taipei pix via Irene Chiang
- Taipei "bow" pic via 林書漢
- Taipei pix via Simon Wong
- Taipei pix via Annie Shih
- Taipei pic via adriantxt
- Taipei (?) pic from Adam's IG

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